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Success Center Credit Recovery

Success Center Credit Recovery (formerly Night School) will be distance learning using Edgenuity computer based instruction.    

Owasso High School will offer Credit Recovery courses in English, Math, Science, and History.  Students must speak with their counselor for course selection.  These courses are only for Owasso High School students.  First Time Credit (FTC) courses or Elective courses will not be offered in the Credit Recovery Program.  If your student needs FTC courses, please speak with your counselor as there are options locally at the Owasso Campus of Tulsa Tech's Success Center. 

When:  Enrollment begins September 11th and closes April 26th.  Students will have until May 17th from their start date to complete their coursework.  All Credit Recovery courses end May 17th at 3:00PM.  Extensions are not available.

Cost:  The cost is $50 per 0.5 credit (semester course).  Parents may pay with cash, money order, or through the Parent Portal with a credit card.  You may pay in person through the main office of either the East or West campus with the financial secretary.  Financial assistance may be available for those students on free or reduced lunch programs.  Please see your counselor for information on reduced rates and waivers.

Credit Information:  Each course successfully completed = 0.5 credits or a semester credit.  Students may only have 1 active course at a time.  Students may enroll in additional courses after successful completion of their current course.  Additional courses require the same fee as above.  April 26th is the last day to activate a new course.

Enrollment Process:  Parent/Student get form from counselor with appropriate course recommendation.  Payment is made.  Receipt of payment is shared with the counselor by the parent or student.  The counselor makes an enrollment request to the Virtual Coordinator.  Requests will be processed and the student and parent will receive a notification from the Virtual Coordinator.  Student is sent contract.  Once signed, the courses will be activated in the next few business days.  Parents should start receiving Progress Reports once the courses are activated.  If the student does not acknowledge the contract digitally, their course will not be opened.

Teachers: Each Core Subject will be monitored by a teacher of record that will be responsible for grading the student's work.  If a student needs assistance they may reach out to the teacher via email or visit them during their office hours on Wednesdays after school from 2:45 - 3:45 at the High School.  Currently Mrs. Mayfield,,  is the contact for Credit Recovery courses.  

Rules:  Students must read and electronically sign the Virtual Contract before their course starts.  Plagiarism or usage of Artificial Intelligence to complete assignments will result in the students removal from the program and the deactivation of their course.  Refunds will not be provided if a student is removed because of any violation of school or virtual rules/policies.

Questions?  Contact Matt Little at or you may contact your child's counselor.