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The following websites have MANY different scholarship opportunities as well as advice and guidance on going to college. Some applications and PDFs are at the bottom of this page.

Over 175 options for different scholarships here. – a website filled with information about college admission, college life, career schools, scholarships, and financial aid. - NEW - SEVERAL OPPORTUNITIES HERE - SEVERAL OPPORTUNITIES HERE

This website breaks the scholarships down by deadline! Follow them on social media for weekly updates (Facebook)

This website breaks the scholarships down by deadline!

 This is a great website for not only helping you find scholarships, but in helping chose which school would be best for you!

Follow them on social media for new additions and updates

Career guidance and scholarship opportunities

Creative and fun scholarships that are not all about GPA. – help with college planning and finances is offering scholarships at their website.  For more information visit 


Cosmetology students -


Sports Scholarship-


Minority Scholarships


Native American Scholarships


Raise Me- Montclair asked us to reach out to you to share some helpful resources for introducing to your students. Montclair is a social enterprise working in partnership with the White House and over 180 colleges to expand access to higher education by improving the way students prepare for college—both financially and academically. Rather than waiting until the end of high school to award aid, which is often too late to impact a student’s college ambitions or choices, enables students to earn grant aid throughout high school, starting as early as 9th grade, for doing all the things that best prepare them to succeed, whether that’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community or joining an extracurricular. The amount that students earn from a college on represents a guaranteed minimum amount of aid they’ll receive if they apply and are admitted to that college.


Through your students can now earn “micro-scholarships” (performance-based scholarships) from Montclair and over 180 other colleges (including Texas Tech, the University of Dayton, and Stetson) for each of their academic and extracurricular achievements beginning as freshmen. Other counselors are using this free program to motivate students, improve outcomes, and reinforce the guidance they’re already giving. can help your students get a head start on their college search and develop into stronger applicants.


Financial Aid Tips 

In 2017, we started an initiative to create engaging financial literacy guides, tools, and videos for incoming college students. We recently created this guide (w/ videos!) called Private Student Loans Guide - Eligibility, Costs, Repayment, & Warnings.

This is the website to begin the FAFSA process along with help applying for scholarship.

Most affordable colleges in Oklahoma

Organized college options by most affordable

This is a loan provider. They have some information and FAQs about loans 


Guides to Finding Scholarships & FAQs

Gives the best websites to search for scholarships


 Military Opportunities


2019 Student View Scholarship Program- Deadline is April 22, 2019 with any questions 


Maximizing GI Bill Benefits


College Benefits For Military Dependents


Attending College While In The Military


ROTC Scholarship


Career Guides 




The Blues Society offers a $500 Grant to promote the musical development of young Blues musicians in the Tulsa metropolitan area.  The grant is awarded to a student who is pursuing further education and musical development and has a genuine interest in the Blues genre.  

The Blues Society Student Grant Application includes various questions about the student's current musical interests, capabilities and goals. 

The student grant award is offered to any student in grades 10, 11 or 12, for the 2020-2021 school year and who is enrolled in a bona fide school setting under Oklahoma state law. (Ex: public school, home school, academy or other approved educational setting)

Applications are available on the Blues Society of Tulsa website:
Application deadline is December 31, 2019. 

The top five applicants will be chosen and notified in January 2020.  A write up on each of the five finalists will be included in the March/April 2020 issue of the Blues News.  Personal interviews and performances will be scheduled in March 2020. The winning recipient of the grant will be notified in April 2020 and invited to the April Monthly Blues Society meeting to be awarded and receive the $500 grant.  A feature article about the recipient will be included in the June 2020 issue of the Blues News. 



The Todd Family Scholarship

The Todd Family Scholarship is open to high school seniors in Oklahoma who have conducted an oral history interview with a US veteran.  Students will submit their recorded interview to the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS), and all recordings will be archived by the OHS.  Winners will be selected by a panel of judges.


Student awards are $1,000 for first place and $500 for second place.  The teaches of the winning students will also receive an award:  $150 for first place and $100 for second place.  The entry period opens August 1 and closes Feb. 15.


To learn more about the Todd Family Scholarship, please visit also provides a $1000 for those interested in an IT career path, for any high school or university student in the United States. 

I would like to invite you to check out the scholarship they just rolled out and would be interested in listing on your scholarship page.


Apply For A Scholarship


Every year, we award area high school students with a college scholarship. Last year’s recipients were chosen from over 1200 applicants based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, financial need and volunteer service in their community.

Deadline: March 1, 2020


The Oklahoma Junior Chamber International (JCI) Senate Club joins the United States JCI organization in presenting scholarships to selected high school seniors.These scholarships will be presented in the late spring of 2020. The application should be completed in its entirety and returned to me postmarked on or before January 24, 2020.  Each application will be screened based on appearance, neatness, content, scholastic abilities, extracurricular activities, financial need, and correctly following the directions.  There is an emphasis on grade point weighted average.


The top two (2) applications from Oklahoma will be submitted for national judging.  We are very proud that we've presented fifteen national scholarships to Oklahoma students since 2001.


The deadline for the 2020 Character Council $5,000 scholarship is January 31st.  Must be a graduating senior of an Owasso High School or live within the Owasso School District to be eligible.  Interested applicants can obtain details and apply at 

Follow Owasso Character Council on Facebook and at

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation provides a number of scholarships for seniors across Oklahoma! Their scholarships range from $2,000 to $20,000 so apply for as many as you can! 

I’m happy to announce that the 2020 Brandon Magalassi Memorial Scholarship Application Package is available (attached)!  Please make this scholarship opportunity available to all of your graduating seniors. 


Students can also find the application package on our website at either of these links  

Western Oklahoma Building Trades Scholarship
Applications must be submitted by April 1st, 2020. 
Detailed information about the scholarship is below along with the link to this specific application page. Students may also receive detailed instructions about our online application process by going to the scholarship page on our website at


Ctrl+click to follow link -Western Oklahoma Building Trades Scholarship



  1. Applicants must be one of the following (1) graduating Oklahoma high school senior that is presently concurrently enrolled at any accredited, not-for-profit, vocational technical, or two or four year institution, OR (2) students continuing academic study after high school with one year of completed college (age 23 or younger), OR (3) a non-traditional student must be 20 years of age or older.
  2. A birth child or legally adopted child who is a tax dependent and currently eligible to be on a union member’s insurance.
  3. A child is defined as a birth child or legally adopted child who is a tax dependent and currently eligible to be on a union member's insurance.  A dependent who is eligible at the age of 23 remains eligible to apply if they are continuously enrolled in college.


Award $1,500. Previous applicants may reapply.


Deadline: April 1st, 2020


Funds may be used for educational-related expenses such as tuition, fees and books at any academically accredited two-year, four-year or vocational technical nonprofit institution in the United States. Payments are made directly to the school.


The Western Oklahoma Building Trades Scholarship Fund was established following the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building to provide scholarships for union members, their spouses or their dependents.

$1,000 No Essay Scholarship

Don't Miss Out!

Do your students have 5-10 minutes to apply for a scholarship? Check out our Get Schooled $1,000 No Essay Scholarship! During the month of December, we will give away $1,000 to an eligible student. Students (ages 17-24) who are enrolled by Fall 2020 qualify to receive a scholarship. To apply, students should log onto and complete at least one piece of content during this month! 

I would like to inform you Derrick Law Firm provides a $1000 car & truck accident injury scholarship to any high school or university student in the United States, which will be beneficiary for students.

I would like to invite you to check out the scholarship they just rolled out and would be interested in listing on your scholarship page.