Concurrent Enrollment (through TCC)

Concurrent Enrollment

Owasso Students also have the opportunity to enroll in college courses through concurrent enrollment.  Tulsa Community College partners with Owasso High School.  Students who enroll in a course at TCC will be awarded High School credit for that course as well as College credit.  Students will take a course at TCC in exchange for a course at Owasso High School.  Please contact Emily Drake for more information 918-272-8186 x2332 or

Concurrent Admission Policy

  • In order to apply for college admission, high school students must meet Oklahoma eligibility requirements. Students must have a 3.0 GPA OR a 19 on the ACT/PreACT in order to be admitted to the college.
  • Admission to the College does not guarantee eligibility for course placement.
  • Course placement requires a 19 on the ACT/PreACT in the subject area of the course (Math needs a score of 20).
  • If the student does not meet the test score requirement, they may either retake the ACT/SAT or take the Accuplacer test at TCC. Contact Mrs. Drake or TCC Concurrent for more information on placement testing.
  • All students must be juniors or seniors (junior status begins in the summer after the 10th grade) and eligible to graduate from high school in the spring of their senior year.
  • The student must apply to TCC and be granted a student ID number before taking classes. Apply here:
 2020/2021 Deadlines 
TCC Enrollment opens- April 13th (can be putting in applications for Summer/Fall 2020 now)
TCC Enrollment closes (summer)- June 1st (classes begin)
TCC Enrollment closes (fall)- August 17th (classes begin) 
Students can change their classes at TCC up until classes start
Students should bring Mrs. Drake their first schedule and then notify her of any changes thereafter. 
Concurrent FAQs
  1. Are the classes free? 
    • No, TCC covers the tuition for up to 6 credit hours per semester (2 classes) and OKSDE covers 18 credit hours of tuition for seniors (6 classes). The student is responsible for payment of course fees.  This usually ends up being about $100-130/class.
  2. Does OHS pay for books? 
    • Yes, you must purchase the book first and provide a receipt and documentation that the student is enrolled in the class and present documentation to Mrs. Rohrer in the east front office. 
  3. Is there transportation to and from classes?
    • We can provide transportation to the Northeast Campus for the morning classes; however, we must have student interest before scheduling buses. 
  4. What happens if I don't like the class/teacher/time etc...?
    • Students are able to drop the class in the first 2 weeks after the classes start and you do not have to pay for it and it does not go on the transcript. Students are still able to withdraw after that time; however, the class fees will still need to be paid and it will be on the students transcript as a W (no grade point assigned). You must pick up a drop/add form from Mrs. Drake in order to officially get out of the class. 
  5. What happens at the high school if I drop/withdraw from a TCC class? 
    • You will be removed from the Concurrent Enrollment hour and placed in a class on OHS campus or placed in a virtual class to make up the credit. Athletes should be aware that they could potentially be ineligible for up to 3 weeks after dropping/withdrawing from the class. Please see Mrs. Drake for more details. 
Information related to Dual Enrollment is found above. For more information, contact the College and Career Counselor or visit