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Concurrent Enrollment (through TCC)

Concurrent Enrollment

Owasso Students also have the opportunity to enroll in college courses through concurrent enrollment.  Tulsa Community College partners with Owasso High School.  Students who enroll in a course at TCC will be awarded High School credit for that course as well as College credit.  Students will take a course at TCC in exchange for a course at Owasso High School.  Please see your student’s counselor for more information and prerequisites.

Concurrent Admission Policy

  • In order to apply for college admission, high school students must meet Oklahoma eligibility requirements. Which is a 3.0 GPA and a 19 on the ACT
  • Admission to the College does not guarantee eligibility for course placement.
  • All students must be juniors or seniors (junior status begins in the summer semester after the 10th grade) and eligible to graduate from high school in the spring of their senior year.
  • Receipt of TCC student ID number is the first step of the admission process, this is obtained by applying to TCC
Information related to Dual Enrollment is found above. For more information, contact the College and Career Counselor or visit