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Owasso High School Chromebook Information and Insurance

Every Owasso High School student must complete this form in order to receive his/her schedule.


Owasso Public Schools has established an Insurance Program to give parents the ability to purchase insurance for the 1:1 Instructional Initiative each school year. The technology given to the student includes a Chromebook and Charging Cord. The insurance, if purchased, will cover the repair or replacement costs of each part of the Chromebook; it will not include the cost of the charging cord.


The insurance will cover 100% of the cost of the first damage incident, 50% of the cost of the second damage incident, and 0% of the cost of subsequent incidents.


For perspective, the cost to repair a cracked screen is $60 and the cost for a new device is $250. Whereas, the cost of insurance for the school year is only $25 per student.


The Insurance Program is a voluntary program and families are encouraged, but not required, to participate.


I acknowledge that I have reviewed the Owasso Public Schools Technology Use Agreement and accepted responsibility of the district issued Chromebook.  I understand that I am fully responsible for damage, repair and replacement costs incurred while the Chromebook is issued to my student. Please select below whether you choose to decline or accept Chromebook Insurance.

Acts of intentional damage will not be covered by the insurance.