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Idea Lab

The Idea Lab at Owasso High School East Library is open to all Owasso students and faculty. The Idea Lab was designed by students for students. After a year of planning, we took an old computer lab, reworked and added technology, and finally opened in November of 2016. You can find students working, thinking, collaborating, creating, and communicating almost any time of the day. Please let us know if you would like to tour or schedule the Idea Lab for yourself or your class.

Owasso High School Idea Lab Manifesto

At OHS, we will help develop the skills students need to solve problems and follow their passions to make a difference in a rapidly developing world. We will help teach and inspire students to use and create new technology. We are committed to mixing social groups and providing an inclusive environment, making one new group of makers. We will help students realize skills and passions that they have and the initiative to develop them. We will help students learn to use equipment, tools, time, and resources responsibly. We will use this space to inspire ourselves and inspire others, finding new talents, trying new things, and developing overall creativity. We will promote great ideas and help those great ideas come to life. We will work toward educating our students and community on the value of art and the impact art and creativity has on our culture. We will provide a place for students with little opportunity to have a chance to do what they have always wanted. The space will be a creative escape and provide a risk-free opportunity for students that are not confident enough to share their abilities with others by exhibiting the talents of these students. We will provide OHS students hope for a successful future, helping them reach their potential, and making a positive impact on our school, our community, and our world.


Technology and tools available for student use in the Idea Lab include a Makerbot 3D printer, a US Cutter vinyl cutter, Wacom Intous art pads, a Cricut machine, Novation keyboard and Launchpad with Ableton Live software, Canon cameras with lighting and green screen, virtual reality headsets, sewing machines, tools, recyclables, and many arts and craft supplies. Our goal is to provide students with every opportunity to learn, explore, create, and dream. 
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