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Mme Wright's French Classes

Mme Leslie Wright

General Overview of class:  Throughout this year I hope you will discover how valuable it is to learn a second language, and in particular - French.  Your ability to communicate in French will equip you to understand and participate in our global society. More than 100 million people around the world speak French daily.  In many International affairs, including the Olympic Games, French and English are the only two official languages. By studying French, you are creating opportunities to make friends around the world and to develop marketable skills.  

The objectives for our French class involve five Cs:

Communication – learning to communicate in French

Cultures – gaining knowledge and understanding of the francophone world

Connections – using French to connect with other classes such as science or the arts

Comparisons – developing insight through French into the nature of the English language and our culture

Communities – discovering uses for French in Owasso and beyond.

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