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Mr. Yankey's AP World History & World History

This course is now taught through Google Classroom. As a result many of the materials I have uploaded will be transferred to that venue.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS, if you wish to monitor your student's work in Google Classroom, please e-mail me requesting to do that.

OTHERS: My course is not available outside the Owasso Public Schools organization. It is only available to Owasso students. I will NOT respond to requests for materials or lesson plans from out-of-state teachers or home-schoolers. I often receive such requests because of this website's large number of hits on the Google search engine. With the switch to Google Classroom I only have time to maintain that venue. Thank you for your understanding.


Location: Owasso High School-East Campus, Room "227"

Daily Schedule:

1st Hour (8-9:00)-AP World History

2nd Hour (9:07-10:01)-World History

3rd Hour (10:08-11:02)-AP World History

4th Hour (11:09-12:04)-PLANNING PERIOD

(12:04-12:29)-2nd Lunch

5th Hour (12:26-1:29)-AP World History

6th Hour (1:36-2:30)-World History