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Math rocks!

Welcome to AP Statistics, Statistics & Probability, and Advanced Precalculus!


YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A TI-84 GRAPHING CALCULATOR FOR ALL OF THESE CLASSES.   The TI-84 that you used for Algebra II will work just fine. If you do not have one, I highly recommend that you borrow one from a friend who isn't using it anymore, rent one from Mrs. Zamor during the first week of school, or consider making a sound investment in your education and buy one.  Phones are not permitted in my classroom, so you may not use an app on your phone as your calculator.

Please bring a 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper, a pencil, and a red pen to class every day.

My assignments, notes, and lecture videos are on Google Classroom.  See the links below.  


Schedule for 2018-2019

1st hour: Statistics & Probability

2nd hour: AP Statistics

3rd hour: Advanced Precalculus

4th hour: Statistics & Probability 

5th hour: AP Statistics

6th hour (1:36 - 2:30 pm): Plan (a good time for parents to contact me at 918-272-5334)


I am at school by 7:20 am every morning, and typically I do not leave until 3:30 pm.  I am always available for math help before and after school, unless I have duty.  If you are having trouble with homework, please see me before or after school.