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Algebra II

We will use Google Classroom for our daily announcements.  This includes videos, notes and assignments.  
Grading is based on:
Assignments - 5 pts each
Warm-ups - 5 pts per week based on work shown
Quizzes - 30 to 60 pts each (will vary)
Notes - 2 pts each based on completion
Tests - 100 pts each
See syllabus on right side panel for further information.
Please make sure your student has a graphing calculator.  Success in Algebra II is heavily dependent on having the proper tools available.  The TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator (or 84 Plus Silver Edition, 84 C Silver Edition, 84 Plus CE) is highly recommended.  If you have a financial concern, the school has a limited number of rentals available for $5.  Please send me an email or have your student talk to me about it.
Our class calendar can be found by using the links in the panel to the right.
 Our Algebra II Syllabus: