Concurrent Enrollment

2023/2024 Concurrent Enrollment Information

Owasso students have the opportunity to enroll in college courses through concurrent enrollment. Tulsa Community College partners with Owasso High School. Students who enroll in a college course will be awarded high school credit for that course as well as college credit. Students will take a course at the college level in exchange for a course at Owasso High School. Please contact Ms. Sewell for more information.
Steps for Dual Enrollment at Tulsa Community College (TCC):
  • Admission Requirements: You must have a minimum unweighted 3.0 GPA or 19 composite on the ACT/PreACT or 990 composite on the SAT or 990 composite on the PSAT 10/NMSQ

  • You have to be admitted before you can enroll in classes. If you already have a TCC ID number, skip this step.

  • Link to Admissions: Apply for Admission | Tulsa Community College

  • Do not use your high school email address on the application. If you need to, make a separate Gmail account for college admissions.

  • You may request a copy of your transcript through Parchment. OHS has partnered with Parchment to securely order and send your transcript. It’s recommended that you request your transcript to be sent to yourself, save it to your computer, and then upload it to TCC.

  • You will receive a student ID number (T…….) and email address (this can take anywhere between 2-5 days).

  • Technical Assistance, contact: [email protected] or 918-595-2000 - If you do not receive a student ID number by email, contact: [email protected]

  • In addition to meeting admission requirements, you must also meet course enrollment requirements.

  • Link to course enrollment requirements (scroll down to the College Enrollment Requirements): Dual Credit Eligibility and Testing | Tulsa Community College

  • If you do not meet the course enrollment requirements, here are your options:

1. Sign up online to take the national ACT, PreACT, SAT, or PSAT

2. Contact the TCC Testing Center (918-595-7534) for residual ACT information

3. Obtain a referral from a TCC Advisor for the TCC Accuplacer course placement test

  • WATCH THE 13 MINUTE STUDENT ENROLLMENT PORTAL INSTRUCTIONS VIDEO (located at the bottom of the webpage): Dual Credit Admission and Enrollment Guide | Tulsa Community College

  • Link to Dual Credit Enrollment Portal: Sign In - Dual Credit Registration - Tulsa Community College

  • You can view and select your courses in the Portal. I highly recommend choosing a backup course for each primary course.

  • If you have questions about how a specific course will meet your graduation requirements, please reach out to the OHS College and Career Counselor or your OHS Academic Counselor.

  • 600 section courses are reserved for high school students. Look for open 600 section courses first. Also, 16-week courses are recommended.

  • You must meet all prerequisites for a course.

  • You will need a parent/guardian email to complete the process because it’s Oklahoma policy that they approve your enrollment in college classes. Make sure to carefully put in their email address as an incorrect address will delay your enrollment.

  • Check your TCC email and the Dual Credit Enrollment Portal case notes for schedule confirmation and/or if additional enrollment information is needed to register for your course(s).

Additional Important Information:
  • Link to TCC website for more info: Dual Credit Tuition Waiver and Estimated Cost | Tulsa Community College

  • Each course has three types of charges: Tuition, Fees, and Books/Materials

  • Juniors are waived up to 12 eligible credit hours in their Junior year (recommended 6 hours in the fall and 6 hours in the spring) and Seniors are waived up to 18 eligible credit hours for the year beginning June 1 following their Junior year.

  • Student tuition waivers will automatically be applied to your Bursar account three weeks after the semester drop date.

  • Students are responsible for all tuition above and beyond the allowable tuition waiver.

  • Students are responsible for ALL associated fees for each class. The remaining balance must be paid before students may re-enroll for the next semester.

  • Bursar questions, contact: [email protected]

  • Books can be reimbursed that you purchase for your course by completing the Google Form which includes attaching your schedule, receipt, and a copy of the course syllabus.

  • This Google Form is available in the Concurrent Google Classroom.

  • Requests must be submitted within the semester of the class.

  • For book reimbursement questions, contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

To DROP a course (see the link above for drop dates as they will vary depending on the length of the course, 8-week vs 16-week), you will need to:

  1. Go to the Dual Credit Portal and login.
  1. Find the course you wish to drop and click the red trash can icon.
  1. If you’re dropping to 0 hours (meaning that you’re no longer taking any courses for the upcoming semester), also submit a case note in the communication center (ex. I do not plan to take any courses for the fall 2023 semester).
  1. Check your MyTCC account and make sure the course has been dropped.
  1. Let the College and Career Counselor know ASAP, so they can help you update your OHS schedule accordingly.

To WITHDRAW from a course (this happens after the drop deadline, see link above for withdraw dates), you will need to:

  1. Meet with a TCC Advisor. Link for how to schedule a meeting with a TCC Advisor. It’s recommended that you talk to both your TCC instructor and the OHS College and Career Counselor before you meet with a TCC Advisor to withdraw from a course.
  1. Once you have withdrawn, let the College and Career Counselor know ASAP.
  • A withdrawal comes back as a “W” on your transcript. This can affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress percentage (SAP%) and may impact your ability to receive federal aid.
  • If you withdraw from a course, you’re still responsible for all course fees and the hours for the course are deducted from your state tuition waiver.
  • Dropping/withdrawing from a course can impact your OHS eligibility. See the College and Career Counselor about how it would impact your specific situation.
  • It's a state requirement that you’re enrolled in a six-hour schedule. If you drop or withdraw from a TCC course, you may be required to pick up a virtual course or courses at OHS. See the College and Career Counselor to discuss your options.