Summer School


Monday - Thursday, 8:30 - 11:30 AM
Dates:  June 6th through July 14th.  No Summer School on July 4th or July 5th.


Owasso High School - East Campus. There will be an orientation meeting in the Ram Cafe of the East Campus on June 6th @ 8:30 AM.
Students will be assigned a room. Attendance is mandatory. Three absences or a total of 9 hours will result in your removal from Summer School/Grad Lab. If you finish your courses early, you do not have to continue your attendance.
Students will need to bring their Chromebooks, headphones, and chargers with them. We will not have these items available.


Flat rate of $125.  Reduced rates and waivers may be available, please speak to your child's counselor.
Credit Recovery courses will be offered for all four core subject areas. First-time credit courses are offered based upon availability of the certifications of staff. 
All courses are offered via the Edgenuity online learning platform.  Advanced Placement, Honors, and some electives will not be offered.  Courses offered during the school year but not during the summer include the following:  Computer Applications, Intro to Computer Science, Contemporary Health, Lifetime Fitness, Chemistry, and Precalculus.  We recommend utilizing the Success Center at Tulsa Tech for credit recovery or the CTRL program at Tulsa Tech for courses not offered through Owasso High School, as they can offer almost every course via their network of teachers and campuses.
Students may have 2 active classes at a time.  If they finish a course prior to June 30th, they may have another course added.  Courses will not be added after June 30th.  Extensions for Summer Courses are not available and all courses will be closed on July 14th.


Students must get approval from their counselor to make sure they are in the proper courses. Then students will take the enrollment form to the main office of either the East or West Campus of the High School. Counselors will complete an application and submit it to Mr. Little. Counselors are listed below. 


  1. All OHS Rules apply.  The Academic Honesty Policy will be enforced.  Violations of this policy may result in your dismissal.  This policy is posted inside of Edgenuity for your review.

  2. Students are expected to maintain target completion during Summer School.

  3. Inactivity for 3 days will result in your course being deactivated.

  4. Students may not fall more than 50% behind their target goal after the first week.  

  5. Students who miss 3 days (cumulative 9 hours) of Summer School will be withdrawn from the program.  

  6. No refunds for withdrawals for attendance or for removal for discipline.

  7. Students who are asked to leave by the administrator during Summer School will be dismissed from the program.

  8. Students must have their coursework completed by July 13th.  July 14th is reserved for Final Examinations.  Assignments will not be graded that are completed beyond July 13th.

  9. Students must check their email, Edgenuity, announcements, and this website for updates regarding their courses.   


Helpful Information

Username: your full school email address

Password: this was sent in your enrollment email

Login site:

Server Status:

Start Date: June 6th

End Date: July 14th, though coursework should be complete by the end of the day July 13th.  July 14th is for final exam completion.

Teacher of Record: These are listed on the dashboard inside the Edgenuity program. All teachers are present during Summer School/Grad Lab.



Science Courses - Ruby Collins, [email protected]

11th & 12th Grade English Courses - Tina Mayfield, [email protected]

Social Studies/History - [email protected]

Spanish/Electives - Joanna Couch, [email protected]

Math - Maegan Walls, [email protected]

9th & 10th Grade English Courses - Kari Huff, [email protected]

Face to Face Algebra Credit Recovery - Ginger Jacobson, [email protected]