Grad Lab

Grad Lab is for Seniors who are within one credit of graduation. Each semester course is 0.5 credits, so students must only need two 0.5 credits. Grad Lab is tuition-free and offered at the East Campus of the High School during Summer School.
Attendance is mandatory for students to participate in Grad Lab. Students will be assigned to a computer lab to work.  Once the courses are completed students no longer have to attend.  Students with 3 absences or 9 hours of non-attendance will be dropped.
Enrollment must be done via your school counselor. First-time credit (some exclusions) and credit recovery courses are available.
Dates:  June 6th - July 14th, no school July 4th or July 5th.
Time:  8:30 - 11:30, Monday - Thursday (No school on Friday)


  1. All OHS Rules apply.  The Academic Honesty Policy will be enforced. Violations of this policy may result in your dismissal. This policy is posted inside of Edgenuity for your review.

  2. Students are expected to maintain target completion during Summer School.

  3. Inactivity for 3 days will result in your course being deactivated.

  4. Students may not fall more than 50% behind their target progress after the first week.  

  5. Students who miss 3 days (cumulative 9 hours) of Grad Lab will be withdrawn from the program. 

  6. No refunds for withdrawals for attendance or for removal for discipline.

  7. Students who are asked to leave by the administrator during Summer School will be dismissed from the program.


Helpful Information

Username: your full school email address

Password: this was sent in your enrollment email

Login site:

Server Status:

Start Date: June 6th

End Date: July 14th @ noon.

Teacher of Record: These are listed on the dashboard inside the Edgenuity program. All teachers are present during Summer School/Grad Lab.