Distinguished Graduate Application

Listed below are the requirements to become a Distinguished Graduate. 

The 2020 opportunity is closed. It will be avalible January 4, 2021 for the 20/21 school year. 



Completion of Owasso 4 x 4 curriculum plan

Must be an Owasso student 11th and 12th grade

Core courses taken through concurrent enrollment for the completion of the 4 x 4 must be pre-approved by the counselor or the College/Career counselor.

List your 7th semester un-weighted GPA                               (3.5 un-weighted GPA required)  7th semester GPA will be available January 22, 2020, you will need to request a transcript to find this information out, PLEASE attach the transcript to this form and attach transcript to this application.

No semester grade lower than a C.

No posted NC “No Credit”.

Completion of the following courses:

       PLEASE CHECK one of the following below

_____ Two years of computer science OR ­­_____ Two years of the same foreign language

Completion of at least three credits from AP Level courses completed by graduation date