Graduation Requirements

23 Units Total

English (4 units)

English I
English II
English III
English IV

Mathematics (3 units)

Algebra I
Algebra II

Lab Science (3 units)

Physical Science
One other Lab Science course
Biology I

History (3 units)

½ US Government | ½ Oklahoma History
US History
One Selection from the subjects of History, Government, Geography, Economics, Civics, or Non-Western Culture and Approved to Meet College Admissions Requirements.

World Language or Computer Science (1 unit)

2 years of same Foreign Language  or
2 years of computer science
Fine Arts or Speech (1 unit)
Embedded in English II and World History (Class of 2022) 
Starting with the class of 2023 students will need one of the below

6 Electives Minimum

Personal Financial Literacy Competency

CPR/AED (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator)
Please see your student’s counselor for more information on Core curriculum requirements or the Owasso 4 x 4 Plan and Distinguished Graduate Requirements. There are several options for receiving these credits within AP, Concurrent, and Tech. The Credit Check Form can be utilized to assist you in counting credits.