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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

23 Credits Total


English I English III

English II English IV


Algebra I Algebra II


Lab Science

Physical Science

One other Lab Science course

Biology I


½ US Government  ½ Oklahoma History

US History

One Selection from the subjects of History, Government, Geography, Economics, Civics, or Non-Western Culture and Approved to Meet College Admissions Requirements

World Language or Computer Science

2 years of same Foreign Language  or

2 years of computer science

Fine Arts or Speech (1 unit) embedded in English II and World History

Music Art Drama Speech

6 Electives Minimum

Personal Financial Literacy Competency


Please see your student’s counselor for more info on Core curriculum requirements or the Owasso 4 x 4 Plan and Distinguished Graduate Requirements.

There are several options for receiving this credits within AP, Concurrent, and Tech.